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Positive Psychology in Action

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"If more people understood that the quality of our experiences is determined

by the quality of our thoughts, we would spend more time with

training our mind."

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your Positive Psychology Practitioners. We are the founders of Happy Habits and visionaries of the following concept:

At Happy Habits we normalize all human experiences. We follow the science of Positive Psychology, using evidence-based interventions which increase your coping abilities and overall well-being.

We promote the fact that our mind - like our body - needs training, too, to stay healthy and inspired. We believe it is time for a paradigm shift. Taking care of our mental wellbeing shall be as common, routine and important as taking care of our physical body.

We want to move past therapy into prevention. 

Engaging, empowering and effective!

Everyone can cultivate happy habits!

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We believe no matter what you have experienced or are experiencing now, does not determine what you will experience in the future. Habits need not to be forever. Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change through growth and reorganization, gives us the opportunity to mold the quality of our experiences.

Life is not always what we plan it to be. Our ability to ACT makes all the difference.


Research has shown that the best way to create lasting change and increase our well-being is to become aware of our thoughts and how they impact our behaviours. Only when we become aware of our contribution to our current state of mind, we then have the power to interrupt and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviour patterns.


We believe by learning effective coping strategies we can increase our resilience and ability to cope with all kinds of life experiences. Become curious with us as you discover how easy it can be to overcome yourself.


Once your present moment feels good most of the time, you will automatically widen your horizon to all the opportunities life has to offer. Become excited as together we will explore ways for you to flourish and thrive.

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To help you get into action, we translated our well-being model into engaging, empowering and effective group modules and workshops. All of them incorporate different Positive Psychology interventions and additionally draw from other modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT). All have shown to work great in changing thought and behavior patterns.

Explore Happiness with us.

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Happy Kids Huddle


Let your children become a happiness researcher themselves. They'll explore the power of their own mind and how it may help them manage challenging emotions. As a result they can choose the behavior that serves them best.

Teen Students


The teenage years can be complicated and confusing. In this module we create an interactive approach for teens to discuss the challenges they are facing. They'll learn tools to cope and manage their daily stressors, increase their confidence and wellbeing.

Group Discussion


The increasing pace of our busy lives, for many, leads to rising stress and anxiety rates. Learn to identify current coping techniques that may not be working for you and replace them them with strategies that have been proven to increase happiness in order to thrive.

Longtime friends


In this module we honor the diversity of older adults, a growing part of our population. We will explore all the psycho-social factors available to them to help boost their positivity. Like this we counteract the common negative stereotype of old age.

We can customize any module according to your specific requirements.


Have feedback you’d like to share with us? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear it.

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Nada, mom of two, 39 years

Private Consultation

It is so empowering to realize with Happy Habit's guidance & help that I can tap into my mind
to alter perceptions of memories, certain painful emotions, experiences in the present
and even experiences in the future. I have the power to change any sensations
I am going through and that's the true power of the mind.


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