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The power is yours.


"People don't need to be saved or rescued.

People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it."



We believe no matter what you have experienced or are experiencing now, does not determine what you will experience in the future. Life is not always what we plan it to be. Our ability to ACT makes all the difference.


We believe that in order to be happy, we have to develop an awareness for our body and mind to gage our state of wellbeing. Only when we become aware of our contribution to our current state of mind, we then have the power to interrupt and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviour patterns.


We also believe that everyone shall be equipped with essential life skills that would empower us to cope with all kinds of situations that life presents. Become curious with us as you discover how easy it is to overcome yourself.


Once your present moment feels good most of the time, you will automatically widen your horizon to all the opportunities life has to offer. Together we will explore how to flourish and thrive.



This is me, Lori, founder and visionary if  the following concept:

At Happy Habits we normalize all human experiences. We support you in exploring your innate abilities to manage and transcend them; increasing your emotional intelligence. We promote the fact that our mind - same as our body - needs training, too, to stay healthy and inspired. We believe it is time for a paradigm shift. Taking care of your mental wellbeing shall be as common and accepted as taking care of your physical body.

We want to move past therapy into prevention. 

Light-hearted, engaging and empowering.

Everyone can cultivate happy habits!

Sky Full of Light


We developed group modules and workshops. We also provide individual sessions. 
All of them incorporate the different areas of our Happiness Model,
giving room to ACT - awareness, coping and thriving.

Explore Happiness with us.

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The consequences of chronic stress are numerous. Left unchecked, it can cause serious health problems. Learn techniques to reduce tension in the moment and explore strategies to become happier and more resilient.

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The strategy of producing anxiety is one of the most common coping mechanism worldwide. Become a master of your mind as you learn powerful techniques to break down this strategy and overcome anxiety whilst teaching your body and brain to relax.

Happy Kids Huddle


Let your children become a happiness researcher themselves. They'll explore the power of their own mind and how it may help them manage challenging emotions. As a result they can choose the behavior that serves them best.

Teen Students


The teenage years can be complicated and confusing. In this module we create an interactive approach for teens to discuss the challenges they are facing. They'll learn tools to cope and manage their daily stressors, increase their confidence and wellbeing.



Meditation can be used to train one's level of awareness, relax and envision goals for the future. As awareness is the first step in living a more conscious and happier life, explore different techniques to help you get in touch with your inner world.

At the Psychologist


Book a private session to help with overcoming obstacles of current issues. Get to know who you really are as we work together to uncover your inner resources and abilities to thrive so you can live the life that you are meant to life.

We can customize any module according to your specific requirements.

Meetup Event


How to bring happiness to your events.



Have feedback you’d like to share with us? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear it.


Anonym, female, 34 years

Sound Treatment

Sound therapy has really helped calm my anxious mind. I would best describe it as silent therapy
without the need to talk. The vibrations and sounds of the bowls are really soothing
and they allow me to take time to focus on my internal self. Through this experience
I have learned to tap into emotions I didn’t recognize were there.

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