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How to bring happiness to your events

Imagine  a world where it would be common practice to have a coach or therapist over for some engaging fun and insightful activities. Because we all understand that it's the mind that interprets our surroundings and interactions.

How about picking up some coping strategies to go no matter the occasion? Can you see that? Here some ideas for inspiration:

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Another way of Teambuilding

Imagine, now, that for your next team event, you would have a work shop addressing emotional intelligence, where you and your colleagues would learn what stress actually is and what happens in the mind and body as you experience it. Adding to that you would all practice a handful of techniques to manage stress while raising self-awareness. In an engaging light-hearted way with many laughs.

Maybe you decide to have a highly interactive session on conscious communication and what assertive and aggressive communication looks like. You might explore all unconscious communication patterns as to become aware of how to interact with your team members in a more productive and conscious way. This not only benefits your own state of wellbeing but also the team's overall performance.

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Feeling even better

Imagine, now, that for your next birthday, or the birthday of a loved one, you would learn how to anchor any milestone in your life by increasing positive emotions and attaching them to an object that is ever present, reminding you of all that you actually have achieved by now.

Maybe you want to take this occasion to become mindful of your current state of life, practicing techniques to reflect and listen to your inner voice, realigning your goals for the future.

Maybe then you and your guests would engage in an activity where you all would envision your future self, identifying the character strengths and emotions that would lead you there, inspiring you to develop those traits and move on more authentically from there.

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Entering Motherhood prepared

Surprise your friend with a different kind of baby shower. What better way is there to prepare the mom-to-be than acquiring coping strategies on the go? Imagine your gift would be to help her manage stress, challenging emotions, sleep deprivation while raising self-awareness. All in a warm-hearted, compassionate and light manner. 

Your gift could be not only to increase her understanding of the importance of self-care, self-love and savoring but to actually provide her with practical tools. Imagine building on your meaningful relationship by practicing those tools on spot all together.

Imagine how different your friend's life would look like if she knew how the mind works, how emotions are created and how we have the power to regulate them for her own and her family's overall wellbeing.

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